Health licensee Health and Medical Education - Office of Medical Equipment for all the products in the field of medical equipment

Health licensee Health and Medical Education - food aid and medicines - Office of Cosmetics for all products
GMP certificate holder's country of origin of the reference drug was approved by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education has been reached
the holder of certificates representing foreign companies of the Ministry of Commerce - Office of Business Development Center for Iranian traders and businessmen
All products with the required standards such as CE, LVD, EMC, TUV, GS, ROSH and other European standards related to their own
Standard and Industrial Research of Iran standard certificate holder for all the products that they need this certificate
Exclusive agent of Medisana's products in iran
Exclusive agent of NAQI's products in iran
Exclusive agent of Beshell's products in iran
We are convinced of the quality of our products and give a voluntary warranty of 3 years that goes beyond our legal obligation
Classification of the blood pressure levels according to the standard of the World Health Organization (WHO) in the form of a traffic light scale
Blood pressure monitors bearing this symbol can detect and indicate any cardiac arrhythmias occurring
Medisana is certified according to the international standard ISO EN 13485 and guarantees a constant, high level of quality
In clinical studies or tests the therapeutic efficacy and/or accuracy of a device is tested and documented in writing
The Medical Devices Act defines the technical and medical demands made of the products. A certified medical device must meet these high demands 

The liquid is atomised by means of an ultrasonic applicator into extremely fine particles