Wide Sana few years the company's activities?

Sana company-wide since 1379 has started its official activities and serious.

Sana company is expanding with permissions?

Sanagstr the Companies Registration Office and industrial property of the company was registered as a Joint Stock Company under its official activities. In addition, the company SANA expansion of Iran Chamber of Commerce, Chamber of Commerce in Tehran, Iran and Belgium Chamber of Commerce as well. Meanwhile, the official and exclusive representative of the company as well as representatives of official and exclusive Naky Lanafrm Belgium Belgium in Iran, which is registered in the Ministry of Commerce.

Sana company is expanding with permissions?

The company is licensed by the Ministry of Health and Medical Education, Department of medical equipment, as well as cosmetics and medical office as well. Cultural and propaganda measures are licensed by the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, and all our products through official channels and distributed country.
Whether the company and products have international certificates are?

It should be noted that all products offered by the company in addition to local authorities, such as the approval of the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Commerce, Customs, Standards and Industrial Research, and ..... with international certificates such as CE, TUV, and FDA GMP or with Europe of these conditions.
Are all the products the company is Belgian manufacturing?

Lanafrm Belgian company products and goods in factories in Belgium, China, Hong Kong, Italy, Switzerland, France and Belgium Lanafrm produced under license of brands and products from Belgium on behalf of the worldwide distribution and sales arrive. Belgium Naky all our products and manufacturing are based in Belgium Haln.
Are all the products are with warranty and after sales service?

Electronic or mechanical aspects are all products with warranty and after sales service are the terms and conditions printed on the boxes of the company's products and Persian instructions to provide services on the ground.
Products that are used in other aspects covered by the warranty and after sales services are not (eg, lotions, gels, or shorts and ...) with high quality and international approval They sign their internal validity and reliability.
How can we prepare our products?

The company's products can be found all over the country accredited pharmacies or medical supply stores and sports you want or you can contact directly with the company or through the Internet to buy and prepare.
While in Tehran, you can even have home delivery by courier company, or you can visit our store in the companies and products you need to buy.
If you are living in another city by sending a fax or a phone call as online shopping or use the services of consultants and experts in sales.
It should be noted that experts can take you to the nearest store or pharmacy residency and deployment guides you to closely see and buy your product.
Information how to use products where it can be obtained?

The company has tried to Persian products in all product instructions given complete and accurate information to customers on how to use them. In addition, you can go to the appropriate section on the company website or call the information received and sales experts to obtain relevant advice to apply.
Is it possible to send by courier to you?

 Yes you can, after the necessary coordination with experts from sales of the materials at your location or establishment receive by courier. Free shipping with a courier for the purchase of 50 dollars is high and the company has undertaken to pay 5 dollars.
Is it possible to refer to a company?

 Yes you can during office hours Monday to Wednesday from 9 am to 16:30 minutes and Thursdays from 9 am until 12:30 in the company, visit the company visit our shop.

Can be used with gel thin skinny shorts are used?

At the same time is not recommended, you can use at the time of the shorts do not use gel wasting and other wasting hours of shorts, to allow more air to circulate between the skin and create a thin shorts.

Does the new catalog printing?

 Yes, the company's new and diverse catalogs published each year that you can ask the company to send you the sales department.

 From deposit to the account until the date of payment and receipt of goods ordered how long it takes?

Usually peaks in Tehran by the company in a clear and concise plan within 24 hours free of charge delivered at the customer premises consumer goods company. In cities by shippers or courier that taking into account the distance and the city is usually delivered two days away. In some cases this time can take up to four days.

Wide Sana is part of what parts and units?

 The company has different sections, which generally includes the following units.
Sales marketing and advertising graphics - finance and accounting administrative affairs of the distribution - Anbardary- of receipt of correspondence - commercial affairs - affairs, research and development - the guard - the services and collector - procurement - Informatics - State After-sales service - welfare - State inspection and internal control - Legal advice and .......

Whether the company is also selling Sanagstr installments?

 Yes, if a qualified person, such as civil servants or private sector is valid and the company SANA Wide known and under certain conditions, there is the possibility of installment sale.

Can we worked and were employed in the company-wide Sana?

completely confidential and the survey and having the necessary qualifications will be contacted.

Sana electrical and electronic products company-wide multi-year warranty and after-sales service are?

After-sales service products are also available to ten years.
If we have a criticism to what extent the company's management Gostar notify Sana?

You can refer to the proposed site Sanagstr by e-mail to the company Send Knyd.qta feedback and any other material submitted will be carefully examined.
Whether the guarantee is wasting shorts?

No shorts after the consumer has the ability to return or exchange the Ndarnd.bnabrayn Recommended when purchasing Sayzdrst carefully select and purchase note. The medical products and health for the prevention of diseases and the possibility of changing or returned ....... not available. Also worth noting is that the international licensed products are of high quality.
Frequently Asked Questions about products


slimming garments

1. Are shorts skin damage?
No, because the inner layer of linen is that it prevents damage to the skin as possible. This layer allows air circulation.
2. What is the thickness of shorts? Is it possible to wear them under pants?
About two or three millimeters under the dress also can be used.
power full

1. Power Lrzanndgy all its body?
Yes, this product can tolerate up to 140 kg and has the power to shake the entire body.
2. How can this device do 50 different sports movement?
Located in the state of the device can be used to stimulate the muscles of the body.
3. This device is a type of performance?
It has 5 different program manually, beginner, intermediate, advanced and burns fat.
massage cushion

1. Which of the rear seat is best?
The chair does not have significant differences in terms of working together but in different forms designed for different tastes.
2. Can it be used as a mattress?
Yes, it is possible to completely flat on the ground, and it was.
3. What is the power consumption of these devices?
Power consumption of these products is very low and can also use this device in the car cigarette lighter use.

1. infrared rays What does it do?
Fyzvtrapy and heating and increasing the flow of blood.
2. Which is more powerful?
Mystery massagers such as the impact of other masseurs is more powerful and robust than that usually used.
3. Massage impact with vibration massage What is the difference?
Impact massage is a type of deep massage and acupuncture, but the massage Vibration outer surface and more
muscles and stimulates the blood vessels.
foot spa

1. Deluxe For example, the Babylonians, for example, what is the difference
Babylon is like a roller foot and warming of the water. However, these advantages have been recognized as such deluxe.
2. Does it have Jacuzzis products
Water does not flow in the water with bubbles shake to produce.
3. What is irritating jet
Stimulating pressure jets of water to their feet.

super comfort pillows

1. The pillows are hard Yashl?
2. What kind of pillow from?
Visco-elastic foam or natural 100%
3. Is it possible to wash the pillow ¬Ha?
Yes, this product has an outer layer that is both removable and washable.
skin care

1. Usage of these adhesives is in what form?
Skin should be clean and dry, and then use the tape in a time of 8 hours consumed. The product still strip should be placed on the skin when it is wet.
2. What time of the adhesive should be used?
Term use of these adhesives depends on skin type and depth of wrinkles.
3. Are these adhesives can cause skin allergies?
Those who have dry and sensitive skin should use these labels but does not cause skin sensitivity to normal skin not only strengthen but also their skin.

1. The paper is suitable for the size of the body?
Depending on the desired concentration but typically each paper the size of a hand or an answer for that.
2. What is the durability of color products?
Color paper about 2 to 4 days and 5 to 7 days on the skin kit device Tnyng self-sustainability is of course the number of bathing depends on exposure to air.
3. Any paper can be used multiple times?
Color one part can be used for different parts of it all, but if only to be used, for example, can be used for about 2 or 3 times.
facial sauna

1. The Eat hot or cold?
It's hot.
2. Do steam temperature set?
Yes, the steam temperature of the product is configured to not harm the skin.
3. How many times a day should be used?
It depends on the size of skin oil can be used, but usually once a day.


1. Is it the material goods such as eucalyptus fall?
The use of additives such as perfumes, essential oil or eucalyptus to avoid the device.
2. What is negative ion?
There are particles in the air with positive and negative charges. The accumulation of positively charged particles and ions, positive ions and negatively charged particles and ions, negative ion is formed. High levels of positive ions in the air, causing feelings of depression, headaches and weakness and lethargy and .... in patients. Discharge high voltage through the electrode shaft performance can be a large amount of negative ions. The negative ions can be attached to particles suspended in the air toxic pollutants from the air clean.
What benefits have negative 3.yvn?
Kill bacteria, prevent cell aging body, enhancing the capability of oxygen in the blood, the better the performance metabolism, raise awareness, relieve fatigue, increase body resistance (immune system) against diseases, a major impact in the treatment of headache, sleeplessness / insomnia, allergies, asthma and many other benefits.
4.hqayqy about negative ions:
Ionization treatment as a way of confirmed, it is mandatory in many hospitals in Europe and Russia. FDA (US Food and Drug Administration), their engineers to test a negative ion generator to Good Housekeeping magazine work in March 1999, they put the device in a tank full of smoke and then realized that the tank is completely free of smoke has been deleted. The results of recent studies indicate that ionizing a room USDA decreased 52% dust and bacteria in the air in the room is 95%. (I should note that most of the pollutants in the air in dust particles suspended in the air, live.)
How negative ions to eliminate air pollutants?
(-) (-) (-)
          (-) (+) *
(-) (+) (-) (+) *
(-) (+) (+) (-)
(+) (+) *
Negative ions (negatively charged) to pollutants and allergens, which are positively charged and attach. Formation of new particles are larger and heavier and therefore pulled to the ground and breathing space we are out.
Most pollutants are suspended for pregnant positive and negative ions to the negatively charged contrast. In areas where negative ion concentration (density) in there, they can be suspended contaminant load to convert negative.
This causes the magnetic attraction between airborne pollutants arise, so they join together and become heavier, so that they can remain suspended in the air without damaging something on the ground and in the air, you will not be breathing. Even if they are inhaled before they reach the ground, because the larger particles are filtered by the filters of the respiratory area. If the course is not going to produce negative ions, some of the major pollutants in the air can come back again. Some studies have shown that negative ions have a biological effect on bacteria and viruses on contact, eliminate them.
5. Why negative ions together with a small amount of ozone?
Negative ion and the most powerful ozone air cleaners in nature. Nothing in the world more effectively than the two to clean breathing air of allergens and pollutants there. Unfortunately, due to the proximity of buildings and homes to each other, they can not take effect in the interior of buildings to their natural form.
Negative ions and ozone are created in nature and are found in areas that are of the purest and highest level of healthy air. These places usually includes high mountains, near waterfalls, where lightning was done moments before, grasslands around the town and along the sides of the ocean waves are high.
6. Do not automatically turned off?
But do not extinguishers and alarms are placed in standby mode.
7. Do you have a remote control?
Products Vpv Elegance, luxury Vpv Vpv 360 and the remote control.

hair removal

1. No need to barbers What does it mean?
Companies Indians called Clipper that all the hair to a short size, and anyone can modify according to their physical appearance of the product.
2. Are these products are rechargeable?
Except for two models and Hyrtrymr Dvtrymr work normally with the rest of Mohsen batteries are rechargeable company.
3. Stainless really are?
Yes, of steel and stainless steel and are water resistant.

 Manicure and pedicure

1. Do these products have a warranty?
Yes, this product has a two-year warranty. In general, all products other than consumer products company has a two-year warranty.
2. manicure and pedicure mean?
Means makeup nail and foot.
blood pessure

1. how to use a blood pressure gauge, what is?
When using a blood pressure gauge, first sit down and not move your hand, and for the use of blood pressure gauge, wait a few minutes after each use of the device to the blood flow to return to normal. This kind of use will be measured more accurately.
2. What is the separate storage?
Frame their product in it.