After a wound closure the regeneration of the skin is a long way from
being complete. The fragile, new skin is very sensitive and needs
specialized nourishment and care to repair the barrier function and
reduce scarring, skin discoloration and itching. This healing process may take up to a year. Appropriate on-going skin care is recommended
NAQI Cica Cream
Improve the appearance of the scars, the barrier function and the
skin elasticity. See illustrated figures below beside
Facilitate functional rehabilitation
Facilitate the process of putting on pressure garments
Omega 3 and 6 Fatty Acids (Seabuckthorn and Camelina Sativa Seed Oil) stimulate the skin regeneration
Palmitholeic acid Omega 7 Fatty Acid accelerates cell rejuvenation
improves the the healing process and prevents deterioration of the
cell membranes
Opuntia Ficus-Indica Stem Extract and Bisabolol prevent and reduce irritations and itching
The liquid crystal structure rebuilds and restructures the natural skin barrier
Hippophae Rhamnoides Berrier Extract hydrates and smoothens regenerated skin
Gently apply NAQI Cica at least twice a day
The skin requirements may vary throughout the year: in the winter
A more intense nourishing is required by using the NAQI® CICA Cream
In the summer the NAQI® CICA Gel is advised because it gives a
lighter feel
To increase the efficiency of the treatment see the NAQI® Scar Massage and Micro-mobilisation techniques