NAQI Body Screen
The best protection against friction problems
 Skin Protection
NAQI Body Screen prevents and  soothes skin irritations from all types of chafing problems. The intensively hydrating lotion provides the ideal barrier to prevent  direct contact beteen skin and clothing, shoes, sweat or skin.NAQI Body Screen  is composed of high-quality ingredients  such as shea butter, which strenghtens, nourishes and moisturizes all typs of skin - even sensitive skin
NAQI Body Screen
Strengthens the skin
Improves the skin barrier
Prevents and minimizes skin irritations caused by friction
To prevent problems caused by friction and to protect sensitive or moist skin, apply NAQI Body Screen on the skin of parts that can be irritated (nipples, groin, thighs, armpit, prosthesis) . Repeat several times a day if necessary

Skin Protection

NAQI Hand Emulsion
Strengthens and repairs the barrier function of the skin
Water repellent and  protective film
Repairs the natural skin balance
Reinforces the skin barrier function
Protects and hydrates the skin
Prevents irritation and chafing and promotes skin regeneration
Penetrates easy in the skin
Hands are soft after use, never oily
Apply NAQI Hand Emulsion to washed, dry hands before contact with water or irritants
100ml, 500ml, 800ml bag for wall dispenser