Sanagostar started its activity in Iran by becoming the exclusive agency of LANAFORM in 2000.This Belgian company is well experienced in the field of home & hospital care, and is recognized as one of the most important brands in health care products.
Sanagostar, as an exclusive representative, imported NAQI brand to Iran since 2007. This company is one of the best and most reputable manufacturers of skin care products in Europe. Besides, Sanagostar, as an exclusive agent, introduced Iranians the high-quality products of Belgian brand BESHELL since 2010: a vast variety of body-care and well-being products which were welcomed by customers in a way that the high quality of products was approved by everyone.
MEDISANA, from Germany, was introduced to Iran market by Sanagostar since 2012. Sanagostar, as the official and exclusive representative of MEDISANA, is trying to present this brand to Iranians which is one of the most prominent and leading brands in the field of healthcare, medical equipment, home and hospital care, and also is one of the best suppliers & distributors of digital blood pressure gauge in the world.
By offering high-quality products and services, innovative and up-to-date methods, extensive distribution network and intelligent management, Sanagostar has succeed to progress in this industry, also in developing marketing plans.
This company is established to develope the culture of self-management and to control public health basic signs (blood pressure, blood glucose, fever, weight, etc.), and for reaching to this goal, our company is providing products and services to all consumers.
By offering the newest technologies in health industry, Sanagostar efforts to promote people’s health before going to doctor, after visiting and during the treatment.
All products and services offered by this company are confirmed by European and American independent medical councils and are officially certified and approved by Reference Laboratory of Ministry of health and Medical Education of Iran.