Slimming Garments
Ideal for everyone who wants a slimmer waist and buttocks. This is the perfect garment because thanks to its characteristics, it can be worn all day long in the gym or under clothing. The thermal effect together with the constant micro massage, developed by the special BESHELL Cell fabric, effectively reduces the accumulation of localized fat and eliminates and fights the formation of cellulite. The constant micro-massage produced by the BESHELL anti cellulite and slimming garment helps lymphatic drainage and improves blood circulation

Care and maintenance - important
Wear the BESHELL anti cellulite and slimming garments for eight hours consecutively, during the day or at night. The garment can be worn during sport or under clothing. It is important that the treatment with BESHELL anti cellulite and slimming garment lasts for eight weeks, with the special BESHELL anti cellulite and slimming garment construction only 100% hypo allergenic cotton comes into contact with the skin, minimizing the risk of allergic reaction

Tips for use
BESHELL anti cellulite and slimming garment must be hand washed at 40oC / 104oF with a neutral soap. They must not be ironed or dried near sources of heat

  Slimming GarmentsBESHELL anti cellulite and slimming garment is made with a special and patented 3-layer fabric:

1st external layer stretch fabric
Contains and shapes by working against the movements of the body, it also develops an even pressure thus implementing the active phase of constant micro-massage
2nd middle layer natural latex
Increase body temperature and activates the blood circulation. It improves drainage, helping in the elimination of localized fat and fighting cellulite. Natural latex is porous and therefore lets the skin breathe
3rd internal layer cotton with specially designed weave
Only 100% cotton comes in contact with the skin thus ensuring maximum tolerance for all types of skin.The specially designed weave enhances the micro massage action
How BESHELL Anti-Cellulite and Slimming Garment works
The motion of the exclusive BESHELL anti-cellulite and slimming garment fabric raises temperature helping to reshape the body
BESHELL anti-cellulite and slimming garment’s specially designed inner layer produces a constant micro-massage
action which stimulates circulation and improves fluid drainage

Slimming Garments  Classic Line

Active area from navel to upper knees

Active area from on the navel to under Knees

Slimming Garments

Body Line

Body Cyclist
Active Area from under breast to upper knees

Body Corsair
Active area from under breast to under knees

Body Fuseau
Active area from under breast to feet's wrist

Slimming Garments

Belt Line

Slimming Garments

 Shaper Belt
Size from s to xxl

Slimming Garments

Dynamic Belt
Free size
  Elegance Line

Slimming Garments


Slimming Garments

Elegance Legging