It is very important that therapists choose the right massage product.  Massage always involves applying mechanical pressure to the skin. This means that the skin of both the therapist as well as that of the patient need to remain in good condition and optimally balanced. Therapists will choose their products in function of the condition of the skin and the desired effects
The properties of massage lotions play an important role in this. Massage products should be selected in function of the length of the massage and the type of skin. Massage lotion should ensure a good gliding movement during the massage, but the patient’s skin should be dry at the end of the treatment
The purpose of NAQI massage is to:
Facilitate the gliding movement of the hands on the skin
Protect the skin from mechanical pressure
Promote the penetration of certain products into the skin
To care for the skin of both the therapist as well as that of the patient
NAQI Massage Lotions
Are skin-friendly emulsions
Have the same pH as skin
Are well tolerated by skin
Spread well over the body
Are well absorbed into the skin
Can be rinsed off with water
Do not block the pores
Do not soil clothes
Contain hypoallergenic perfumes
An ideal lotion for all your therapeutic treatments

 Massage Lotions

Massage Lotion Ultra
Clinic, Private Practice & Sports
In addition to sports massage, physical therapists & massage therapists practice a wide range of different massages, requiring a non-greasy massage lotion with immediate, excellent lubricating and dispersion properties
NAQI supplies a very specific O/W emulsion for this purpose. The NAQI Massage Lotion ULTRA perfectly balances a long-lasting gliding effect with a non-greasy feel. Enriched with soft hypoallergenic perfume. The perfect solution
200ml, 500ml, 5L

Massage Lotions
Massage Lotion Light
An optimal lotion for your daily treatments and skin care needs. A must in each clinic
Short massages, Skin care
A skin care lotion for short massages. The massage lotion leaves the skin soft, supple and non-greasy and prevents calluses on the skin. A lotion for daily treatment, ideal skin cares for your customers especially bedridden persons. This lotion provides lasting and immediate hydration and protection. The NAQI Massage Lotion Light restores the natural skin balance. After use the skin feels soft
500ml, 5L