The skin treatment of scars requires a specific approach to
Activate the skin regeneration process
Soothe and calm irritated skin
Adjust Daily Care
 NAQI developed a range of lotions for scar treatment. Scar lotions are an alternative to invasive procedures used to remove scars. A topical scar lotion, formulated with specifically selected active ingredients, can make a dramatic improvement in the appearance of scars
Scar treatment management requires specialized care, practiced within a specific timetable, which is explained in detail in the NAQI Scar Treatment Book
We will illustrate that specific manual treatment techniques will both accelerate and improve the healing process of scars
Activates  the skin regeneration process in case of scars and striae
Optimizes the barrier function
Promotes skin regeneration
Improves skin elasticity
Improves the appearance of scars
Increases the moisture content of the skin
Optimizes the quality of primary care
Massage a few drops of NAQI Repair into scars and striae twice a day until completely absorbed. For rehabilitation therapy, Repair can be combined with ultrasound therapy. Use for two to three weeks